Scope of Service and Experience

BATARA & PARTNERS at the beginning only focuses in a scope of case accomplishing, either in Court or outside the Court. However according to the arises of client’s need who asking us for not only handling the corporate case, therefore BATARA & PARTNERS finally renders our professional, legal services in multifaceted civil disciplines, whilst being mindful of client’s commercial and social interests at stake:

Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR)

In line with the global trend, the Firm is committed to ADR, with a specific focus on mediation. We strive to facilitate expeditious resolution of disputes while maintaining and mending the relationships involved. We have exceptional expertise and experience in managing disputes and contentious matters in Indonesia for both international and domestic clients.

Commercial and Business Law

The Firm by virtue of its legal expertise, has consistently committed itself to creatively and efficiently providing the full range of Commercial Law services and solutions for our corporate and business clients (i.e. local and foreign).

Labor and Employment Law

The Firm has over the years developed significant experience in advising clients on Employment, Labor and Human Resource Management issues, representing them in negotiations and litigation where necessary.

Immigration and Private International Law

The Firm’s practice in this area continues to expand and as a result, we have gathered considerable experience in advising clients on Private International Law issues where there exists a conflict of Laws or a possibility of the same. As a result, we have as one of our achievements, earned the trust of various strategic Foreign Missions.

Banking and Finance

We represent various clients in all aspects of banking and finance. Areas of expertise include syndicated loans, secured financing and structured financing. We also advise on banking law and regulations governing financial institutions in general, which entails amongst others the application of the single presence policy in the banking sector, and the formation and licensing of banks, multi-finance companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Merger and Acquisitions

Our services related with this Merger and Acquisition sector include giving advice on compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, due diligence, document preparation and relevant implementation processes (including liaising with public notaries and Government Agencies).

Investment Law

We advise on all aspects of Indonesia's Investment Law to ensure that prospective investors obtain the maximum benefit offered by the Law, garnering a full understanding of the correlation with other regulatory requirements of starting a business in Indonesia. We also assist in formulating the required documentations and thinking through possible alternatives to direct foreign investment.

Intellectual Property Law

We advise on the registration, protection and enforcement of trademarks, patents and copyrights, industrial designs and geographical indications, and on all aspects of franchising arrangements in Indonesia. We also advise on the negotiation and drafting of the relevant documents and agreements, applications for registration, assignment, and public announcements, both for international and Indonesian clients.

Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Power

We have providing advice in relation to the establishment and operation of mines and associated activities across Indonesia. Our lawyers are familiar with the operations of Indonesia's contract of work system and related issues. We have in-depth experience of the complex issues arising from mining activities due to Indonesia's new regional autonomy and forestry laws.

Who we are

BATARA & PARTNERS is an innovative, flexible law firm, focusing on delivering quick and reliable legal advisory and representation services to our Clients. We focus on providing a premier legal service and giving a comprehensive and to the point advice to a wide range of clients. Our mission is to provide an excellent legal services base on our commitment to quality. To provide quality legal services that meet our client demand, we emphasize the importance of our lawyers as being experts in the field with a broad knowledge of not only Indonesian law but also on the government policies, procedures and common practices in Indonesia.

BATARA & PARTNERS is divided into three practice groups, namely Corporate and Commercial, Capital Market and Finance, and Litigation & Arbitration. We work in practice groups, where specialist in legal diciplines comes together as a team to provide the best advice to meet the needs of clients.


Mr. Andi Mamora Siregar

Mr. Andi Mamora Siregar

Managing Partner

BATARA & PARTNERS was founded by Mr. Andi Mamora Siregar in 2015. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Pancasila, majoring in Transnational Law. During his university years, he was a Chief of Student Senate of the Faculty of Law of University of Pancasila and actively participated in various student activities.

Prior to founding BATARA & PARTNERS, he worked for another reputable law firm in Indonesia. His practice areas have been litigation, corporate and commercial, investment, transportation, insurance and capital market laws and he has taken a major role in quite a number of prominent cases in these areas.

With his experience in working with many parties, he is able to balance and position himself in handling both foreign and Indonesian clients. He is an active member of PERADI (Indonesian Advocates Association). He holds an advocate license from Peradi, admitting him to practice throughout Indonesia.

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